4 Questions to Ask Yourself on World Backup Day

World Backup Day reminds us of the importance of security and trust. Photographers and creative teams need to archive and organize their photos, videos and their life’s work. That’s the value of cloud-based media libraries and digital asset management platforms.

On this World Backup Day, ask yourself:

  • In this ever-changing remote or hybrid working world, how does your creative team access photos, videos, logos and other creative files you need to use today? 
  • Can stakeholders across your organization find the approved creative assets they need? 
  • When a creative project is finished, is it sitting on one person’s computer or getting shared over email or Slack (where it can easily get lost in the shuffle)? 
  • And most importantly, are all of your creative assets backed up in a secure place, where you know your brand’s investments are protected from computer crashes, faulty hard drives and laptop coffee spills?

On this World Backup Day, make sure your team has one go-to place in the cloud where they can all store, organize and share creative assets.

Let’s take a look at why a cloud-based media library is key for your creative team, today and every day.

1. One go-to place for everything.

When you have one go-to place for creative assets, everyone knows where to find the perfect photo for a project, your brand’s logo, images for a slide deck, etc.

Team members across your organization will stop wasting time looking for content, and stop distracting your creative director or your team photographer for assets (so they can spend more time creating content, instead).

“PhotoShelter has helped us organize all of our photographic assets into one place. We will no longer have to rely on messy folders on shared drives. The best feature is searchable metadata. Now people can find the photos they need without having extensive knowledge of the thousands of photos and the library structure.”

Chris C, Creative Lead & Senior Designer

2. Secure, cloud-based backup.

Cloud-based digital asset management solutions create redundancy for your local systems and make your assets easily accessible to your team. This is helpful for your team working remotely today and when you need to find a file sometime in the future.

PhotoShelter has redundant servers.

What does this mean? Your backup copy in the cloud is backed up. You can give anyone on your team permission to upload to your library, to ensure that everyone who’s creating content for your brand has a place to back it up (reducing the risk of lost assets).

3. Fast, easy collaboration.

Your digital asset management platform is the hub for your creative team’s entire workflow. Everyone who needs your brand’s content has easy and fast access – no matter where they are. Your team members can run a quick search and find exactly what they need, whether they’re responding to breaking news with a relevant image on Twitter or simply trying to complete day-to-day tasks at home. 

Our collaboration tool Workspaces is a major step toward a truly remote workflow.

4. Long-term organization.

Remote creative teams will find ways to share files – but will they be able to find those files in the future? Will you look back on this time and wish projects hadn’t gotten lost in email inboxes, Dropbox accounts and Slack conversations? With PhotoShelter, you can ensure that everyone is using one easy way to share files, and that those files are preserved and easily searchable the next time you need to find them.

Backup your files with PhotoShelter today

Here at PhotoShelter, we’re proud to safeguard the media libraries of colleges and universities, professional sports teams and leagues, nonprofit and healthcare organizations, Fortune 500 companies and more (check out their stories here). We’d love to talk to you and your creative team about how you can rest easy knowing your assets are easily accessible and secure on our platform.

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself on World Backup Day is written by Jeremy Berkowitz for

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