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What’s New

Updates from the forefront of PhotoShelter’s dynamic asset management smart solutions.

Automate Smart Tagging with FusionIQ

Automated general tags may not be new, but PhotoShelter is the only DAM system offering a level of accuracy above all the rest. Learn how we do it.

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation’s AI-Powered Content Strategy

The story of how one team sprung into action, amping up content delivery and giving partners easy access to resources with the help of PhotoShelter AI.

Inside Look with iLCP

Go behind the scenes with the International League of Conservation Photographers to learn how they organize and share impactful stories from a massive collection of conservation imagery.


Tag relevant words and phrases in brand images for seamless searching, organizing and sharing.

Introducing PhotoShelter’s newest AI product: TextIQ

Searching your images for high-value keywords shouldn’t be a hassle, it should be automatic. Now, it is. Learn more about PhotoShelter’s newest Artificial Intelligence product: TextIQ.


Precisely accurate, automated metadata tags that every organization needs. Organize thousands of image assets instantly and retrieve the most relevant images for sharing at scale.

Introducing AI

Metadata tags just got smarter, faster, and easier to use. Learn how PhotoShelter’s Artificial Intelligence solutions automate metadata tagging here.

All Your Questions Answered: VP of Product Monika Smyczek Shares PhotoShelter’s Upcoming Plans

Hear our latest product innovation ruminations from our VP of product, Monica Smyczek.

All Your Questions Answered: AI, WordPress, Workspaces and More

Three PhotoShelter experts give you an inside look at four new collaboration-enabling product features we’ve built.


Make searching for and sharing the perfect instant replay image faster and easier. RosterIQ combines the power of athlete jersey and facial recognition to automatically tag gameday images.

PhotoShelter AI’s RosterIQ Automates Facial and Jersey Recognition

Learn how RosterIQ enables brands and teams like the Premier Lacrosse League and Sports Illustrated to move content faster than ever before.

Premier Lacrosse League’s AI-Powered Social Media Workflow

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) was the first organization to use PhotoShelter AI to power a real-time social media workflow during their Championship Series. Learn how RosterIQ helped this team maximize fan engagement.

The Future of Sports Photography: How Sports Illustrated is Embracing Change

Learn how iconic sports media giants embrace the future and use AI to get the most out of their content.

FUTRSPRT Podcast: How PhotoShelter AI Is the Future of Sports Tech

A seasoned on-air sports radio and former ESPN anchor interviews PhotoShelter CEO, Andrew Fingerman on his FUTRSPRT podcast; digging into artificial intelligence and its incredible impact on the lives of sports marketers and creatives.


FaceIQ enables you to instantly identify, search for, organize and share images of important team and community members, and it can simultaneously add other related tags like job title, position, or team.

Ready to improve your workflow?

PhotoShelter’s Artificial Intelligence solution automatically tags people, brand marks and general keywords through cutting-edge tactics:


Combines facial recognition and jersey data for the most accurate athlete recognition available.


Pulls together data from three different sources – Google, Microsoft and Amazon – to deliver the best and most accurate general metadata for your brand’s images.


Recognizes sponsors and brands, with the capability to deliver relevant assets to your brand’s partners and stakeholders in real time.


Identify, search for, and share images of your organizations notable figures, influencers, and community members faster than ever before. 


Tag specific pieces of text from a pre-defined list of high-value words. 

Custom Models

Allow you to build hyper relevant smart tags based on the unique attributes of your brand, team or industry.


Your team needs to share photos and videos quickly and constantly to tell your brand’s story – but the old ways of managing your files can’t keep up. With PhotoShelter for Brands, formerly known as Libris, you’ll be able to move creative files from point A to point B instantly. It fits seamlessly into the way you work and gives you full creative control over your brand’s visual content. 

Visit to see how we can be there for you every step of the way.

What’s Next

Updates from the forefront of PhotoShelter’s dynamic asset management smart solutions.

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