How 3 Social Media Managers Collaborate with their Marketing Teams

One of the best things about social media is that there are infinite opportunities to connect with others. Finding and building an online community has become second nature to us, as we gravitate toward making meaningful connections on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. 

For social media managers, one of the most important objectives of the role is to grow a brand’s following. It’s often a collaborative process too, as photographers, content marketers, graphic designers and other stakeholders play a role in the development, creation and execution of a successful social media strategy.

We sat down with three Social Pros during 20/21 Vision: The Collaboration Summit to discuss how they collaborate internally and externally, the importance of growing engaged online communities and more. We were joined by Kentrice Rush, Digital Media Manager at Jackson State University, Carina Petrillo, Social Engagement Manager at Hulu, and Daryll Heiberger, Social Media, Brand Content & Partnerships Manager at JUDY. Watch our roundtable discussion below to hear how they got their start in social media and how they launch and promote creative campaigns with their teams.

What does collaboration mean for these creative marketers and the brands they represent?

At a university, working alongside various departments is common practice. Teamwork is often ingrained in the way Higher Ed marketers operate since students need unified leadership and parents and alumni expect the very best from university staff. For the small team at Jackson State University, even posting on social media requires a lot of collaboration behind the scenes.

“Even though there’s only two of us in this area of Digital Media, there’s a lot of collaboration in what we post on social media. It’s a collaborative effort. For the stories that we post (a lot of them are created by our Public Relations Team), they craft the stories and then get photos from the Photography Team.

Within those stories, there are graphics that are created by the Creative Services Team, usually in collaboration with the Marketing Team. They may also use some videos or links to social media posts. So a lot can go into just one story before it’s posted to social media.” - Kentrice Rush, Digital Marketing Manager at Jackson State University

For a popular streaming service like Hulu, now widely used by families and individuals around the world, collaboration and communication are two important pieces of a larger puzzle. With so many shows, movies, sponsors and campaigns in the mix, it is crucial for all parties involved to share ideas and have both candid and strategic conversations. 

“Show the concepts you're working on, share the pitch decks you're working on. People have different perspectives in an organization that will open your eyes to really approach things in different manners, in different ways that you might not have considered.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, branch out, ask those ERGs and make sure you are in charge of the voice, but that the voice is collectively everyone’s. That is the organization’s voice.” - Carina Petrillo, Social Engagement Manager at Hulu

When it comes to growing an emergency-preparedness and safety kit company like JUDY, collaboration is at the heart of their central mission. When a natural disaster strikes, we must work together and look after one another. The same can be said for the marketing and management teams at JUDY as they develop these life-saving products.

“One thing that our whole team realized was how awesome each of us are at communicating because when you don't know how to get through it or you don't know something, you get through the thick of it by asking questions and getting on the phone. And I think the beauty of Judy is they really set up the small team we have with distinct verticals…

I think the point of collaborating and the beauty of that is when you don't know something, have a team where it's okay to ask. And you might feel a little silly and stupid at first, but we all feel that and I think that’s the key lesson.” - Daryll Heiberger, Social Media, Brand Content & Partnerships Manager at JUDY

It’s evident that when it comes to making an impact on social media, many hands make light work. What that looks like varies for each brand out there, but coming together makes up the foundation of how a social network operates. There are a lot of moving parts at play when bringing a creative campaign to life or building a dedicated following on social media. Collaboration, along with clear communication, is key.

Want to hear from more inspiring speakers as they break down their creative and collaborative processes? 20/21 Vision: The Collaboration Summit is available on-demand!

How 3 Social Media Managers Collaborate with their Marketing Teams is written by Jeremy Berkowitz for

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