How to Customize and Post Unique Social Media Content In Real Time

Have you ever wondered how brands seem to always chime in at the right time with scroll-stopping branded graphics that fans and brand partners can’t help but ❤️?

We know the secret.

Smart software integrations like the PhotoShelter + Slate integration allow creative teams to be more, well, creative, while simultaneously giving social media creators the autonomy to create on-brand content to post anytime.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the integration works:

  1. Brand designers or social media creatives create graphic templates and elements (icons, logos, etc.)
  2. Branded templates and graphic elements are uploaded to the brand’s Slate account.
  3. From there, a social media manager or community manager can browse their PhotoShelter media library within the Slate app.
  4. Then they can choose an asset and add a custom template or some branded elements to complete the visual.
  5. Lastly, they can seamlessly post the customized content to their social media accounts.

But it wasn’t always this easy.

“We knew from the outset that this was an integration that we wanted to build because the way our product works is it powers creators to produce content in a way that’s native to social and on brand and the first step of that is: what media are you going to use for your content? And that’s where PhotoShelter comes into play.”

Eric Stark, Slate President and Co-Founder

PhotoShelter’s SVP of Marketing, Scott Fedonchik sat down with Eric Stark, Slate’s Co-Founder and President, to discuss Slate’s innovative product journey and the power of possibility in smart product partnerships.

Watch the full session here or scan the highlights below:

Discovering Opportunity

Like many modern startups, Eric and his co-founder Michael’s own professional experiences helped them see an opportunity to enhance creative workflows and motivated them to launch Slate.

Eric explained, “I worked at the NFL as the International Marketing Manager—I also worked for the 49ers as Social Media Manager. My co-founder, Michael, was a video producer at the 49ers—so we understand the pain points of creating social media content, especially in the sports world; and having to turn that content around quickly in a way that is engaging to fans but also true to the brand and services sponsors, partners, marketing needs. A lot of that goes into just getting that clip and posting it on social.”

They wanted to make the creative production process simpler for everyone involved—especially the media teams recording photos and video content day-to-day and in real-time, the content designers, and for always-on social media and community managers.

Listen to Eric discuss the framework for where the problem they experienced eventually led to the development of a product solution that helps all marketers involved in content creation:

3 Ways Brands Maintain Design Consistency and Increase Team Productivity with PhotoShelter and Slate

  • Maintain on-brand consistency wherever your visuals show up: Creative directors and graphic designers no longer have to worry about unapproved graphic assets floating around the internet misrepresenting their brand. With Slate, graphic designers can upload designed elements like icons, special fonts and logos for social media managers to pick and choose from. Then they can apply these to photos and video assets from their PhotoShelter media library. The benefit of this unique product synergy allows non-traditional creative team members the autonomy to be creative while adhering to brand guidelines.
  • Social media managers now have creative autonomy: Generally speaking, social media managers don’t have the luxury of time when they’re trying to craft content in response to a cultural moment or viral conversation. It’s important that brand marketing managers provide content creators and community managers with tech tools that can help them be creative in a faster and easier way. Slate allows social media managers to go from task executors to content creators in a few simple, seamless steps.
  • The integration now meets a variety of shared customers’ flexible content workflow needs: When Slate first started, customers mainly used the platform to post content in real time, but now brands from a variety of industries use the platform to post in real time and schedule daily content. Eric shares how brands like Showtime, World Surf League, and NFL teams use the content customizing platform to add branded elements to both game day and advanced promotional content.

To learn more about this integration or to talk to a team member at PhotoShelter about trying it out:

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