Innovations in Sports Storytelling and Workflow

In the high-speed world of sports, collaboration is what keeps the ball rolling – quite literally. Sports creatives work fast to make the most of gametime photos, ensuring they capitalize on the power of the biggest moments as they happen in real-time. In a world where second screens have become the norm, audiences engage with sports leagues, teams, and fans on multiple platforms using multiple devices. They’re following the action live on the big screen and sharing commentary and reacting virtually via their social media feeds, so for creative live sports storytellers, it’s all about sharing the action on the field to the fans as quickly as possible.

But how can sports creatives document and share their biggest moments when attendance is limited (or restricted,) and their creative team is stretched thin? Find out in our upcoming summit session on June 24 with Terrell Lloyd of the San Francisco 49ers and Rankin White of Austin FC. These sports creatives will take us behind the scenes at their organizations to learn how they collaborate with various stakeholders and deliver eye-catching content across multiple channels. You’ll also hear all about their unique experiences on the field as professional sports photographers and learn what it was like to be on the sidelines during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on to learn more about these collaborators joining us on June 24 and save your spot today for 20/21 Vision: The Collaboration Summit.

Meet the Speakers

Terrell Lloyd of the San Francisco 49ers will speak at 20/21 Vision: The Collaboration Summit

Award-winning photographer Terrell Lloyd joined the San Francisco 49ers as a contract photographer in 1996, and today he’s the team’s lead photographer and a resource for NFL photographers to learn from. As a 49ers fan growing up in San Francisco, a young Terrell Lloyd used to make photo books out of gameday images he cut out of the newspapers. Shooting football has opened many doors for Terrell Lloyd and enabled him to cover other major sporting events such as NFL Super Bowl’s, PGA Golf, Professional Tennis, MLB Baseball, the NBA and more. Lloyd has also received many awards of merits for his portraits and weddings work and was named photographer of the year by AMPP in 2001 and earned his craftsman degree by PPA 2006. Tune into his session on June 24 to learn how this Canon Explorer of Light with an IT background combines art and technology to move images faster than anyone in the game.

Rankin White of Austin FC to speak at 20/21 Vision: The Collaboration Summit

Born and raised in Austin, Texas. Rankin is a content creator specializing in sports and the outdoors. He primarily captures/edits photos and videos, while recently is beginning to do work in graphic design. He’s worked for Texas Football, Texas Baseball, Austin FC, Sportsman’s Finest, Foldin’ Feathers, Regents School of Austin, and 5 software companies in 4 years of creative work. Rankin has also had photos published in The Daily Texan, Austin-American Statesman, and Sports Illustrated, as well as on a billboard in Times Square. He graduated in December 2021 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and a Minor in Sports Media from The University of Texas at Austin. Rankin’s favorite equipment? His trusty Sony a7rii and a Zenza Bronica ETRS.

We can’t wait to learn how these experts created and executed content strategies that connected fans with their favorite sports teams. Join us for 20/21 Vision: The Collaboration Summit to hear from these creative professionals. Plus, learn more about the other incredible presentations coming to you on June 24.

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