Register Now: ​​Behind The Scenes with The NHL’s First Black Female Photographer

If you had to invite one living legend to dinner, who would it be?

Since it’s Black History Month (or Black Futures Month to those following Kanye West’s recent attempt to re-brand the historic cultural celebration,) folks like Angela Davis, Ruby Bridges, The Obamas, Janet Mock, Kehinde Wiley, and Colin Kaepernick come to mind, but being exemplary isn’t the only way to make history.

Every single day Black folks across the diaspora make history by entering spaces that lack representation and becoming the first.

On February 23, 2022, at 2 pm ET, we’re honored to host Amanda J. Cain, the National Hockey League‘s first Black female photographer for a live, virtual discussion about her unique experience.

Join us to learn:

  • How Amanda’s non-traditional career journey led her to professional photography. Prepare to take notes on how you too can pivot and grow!
  • How Amanda’s unique and diverse life experiences influence the San Jose Sharks and SAP Center‘s content marketing and visual storytelling strategies.
  • What challenges and opportunities come with being the first Black woman in three positions throughout her career.

Plus, check out how The National Hockey League is celebrating Black History Month this year:

Meet the Speaker

Amanda J. Cain is a talented professional photographer originally from the Metro Detroit area and a graduate of Central Michigan University.

Amanda originally found her passion for photography through fine art courses at CMU and early on in her career while working in newspapers, universities, and other freelance opportunities. 

Currently living and working in San Jose, California, Amanda’s background and eclectic, energetic style come from a rich career covering music, sports, photojournalism, and higher ed; making her prepared her for any projects you might have in mind.

To learn more about how Amanda continues to evolve her unique style as the first, Black female Team Photographer for the San Jose Sharks and NHL, dive into more of her work on her website.

Your Turn: Event Prep

  • Ask Amanda a question! Send us your question in a tweet and tag @psforbrands and @grafikamanda so we don’t miss it.
  • Connect with other event attendees before, during and after this event by joining our professional Slack Community Start networking with over 1,400 creative marketing pros right now!

Register Now: ​​Behind The Scenes with The NHL’s First Black Female Photographer is written by Larissa D Green for

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