The Collaboration Summit Is On-Demand

When we started our 20/21 Vision Summit Series last March, we aimed to create a virtual learning community of creative visionaries and strategic doers who could gather together to exchange content strategy insights and tactics to inspire one another’s visual storytelling strategies.

We asked for you to share and you chose to care. What developed over the past year and beyond is a giving network of creative leaders ready to take growing professionals behind-the-scenes to find out how their team, school, or brand developed their brand identity and produces successful, impactful campaigns.

In our fourth installment, 20/21 Vision: The Collaboration Summit, communications and marketing leads from brands like Hulu, MLB, Jackson State University, Special Olympics, and more discussed what tools they use, how they maximize their collaborative partnerships and digital asset management strategies, and how their organization takes visual storytelling to the next level.

If you’re no stranger to PhotoShelter, you’ve probably read about all of the amazing speakers and brands that joined us on stage at The Collaboration Summit. Now, you can access all the sessions any time you want from anywhere in the world through The Collaboration Summit On-Demand Hub. Play it back now, or bookmark this page to watch it later! 

Check out these notable moments, below:

Major League Baseball’s New Integrated Workflow 

We just announced a partnership with MLB to work with the pro sports league to manage all of their visual assets via our Integrated Accounts feature—we’re talking hundreds of thousands of images.

It’s big…HUGE, even.

If you’ve ever wondered how Major League Baseball photo teams document a “day in the life” and manage the media libraries for each and every team in the league, now is your chance to learn!

As photography workflow technologies advance rapidly, one thing remains certain: a quick, reliable, fully integrated system for organizing and sharing your content is key. Hear how MLB’s photo director, Jessica Carroll’s collaborative content and team management approach lead to MLB’s fan favorite “Photo Day” campaign.

How to Collaborate with Purpose

Tune in and learn literal life-saving content marketing strategy and communications management tips from creative branding leaders with three nonprofits. Listen in with Food for the Hungry Senior Communications Manager Beth Allen, University of Maryland Medical System’s Creative Director Linda Praley and Director of Creative Communications Mike Ruddock, and Special Olympics International’s Senior Director of Content and Storytelling Syndye White.

Three social media content and strategy experts from Hulu, Jackson State University, and JUDY sit down with PhotoShelter’s social media lead, Jeremy Berkowitz, for a roundtable discussion. They chat about what it takes to build an aspirational, yet relatable brand identity.

Additionally, they cover how to grow and cross pollinate audiences by developing key partnerships, and all that goes in to maintaining digital personas for some of the most beloved and engaging social media accounts. 

As the weather heats up, your brain might feel like it’s melting—don’t worry, us too, so dive back into the refreshing insights shared by the 15+ speakers at The Collaboration Summit. And, to keep learning and networking, join the continuing conversation with 1,200 other fellow creatives in our Slack Community.

The Collaboration Summit Is On-Demand is written by Yoav B. Guttman for

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